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About us


Advex AI's mission is to improve industrial efficiency 1000x. We're developing Vision AI that can support the ever-changing and use-case dependent nature of the real world.

The world of industrial automation is used to under-performing vision systems limited to very simple use cases due to the data-hungry nature of AI. We're using Generative AI to solve the data problem and bring Vision Automation to every factory in the world.


We're a team of engineers and scientists focused on solving the data problem, starting with vision. We come from the world's top research labs (Google Brain and the Berkeley AI Research Lab) as well as top vision companies (Path AI, Scale AI, and Keyence).

Today, our technology is used by Fortune 500 companies and breakthrough startups to automate, scale, and win.


Construct Capital
Dayna Grayson
Pear VC
Mar Hershenson and Pejman Nozad
Emerson Collective
Laurene Jobs
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